• Inspection

    PTIA provide several kind of inspection service; Statutory Inspection, Voluntary Inspection and Overseas Inspection. read more

  • Project Management

    Leveraging our experience, business relationships and competence, PTIA also can provide the Project Management Service for a key of success factor in Oil and Gas Project. read more

  • Advisory Service

    PTIA provides the Advisory expertise for Design Review, Failure Analysis & Technical Investigation, Hydrotesting procedure, Calculation and Sequence. read more

  • Engineering Services

    By leveraging our lengthy presence in the Indonesia Market of Inspection and Certification, PTIA also can provide the Engineering services. read more

  • Manpower Supply

    PTIA offers fulltime Indonesian personnel placement for major project and resources based companies for both local and overseas market. read more

What News

Offshore Technology Conference 2014
Day 1, May 5th 2014 Day 1, May 5th 2014 Day 1, May 5th 2014 Day 2, May 6th 2014 Day 2, May 6th 2014 Day 3, May 7th 2014 Day 3, May 7th 2014

PT Indospec Asia took part in Offshore Technology Conference held in Houston, Texas USA on May, 5th 2014 as part of our commitment to always one step ahead to provide the best service for it’s clients

Welcome to our website

PT. Indospec Asia (PTIA) is pioneer of the multidisciplined Inspection and Certification Companies in Indonesia. Established in 1979, PT. Indospec Asia (PTIA) has grown into one of the most complete operation licensor authorized to perform inspection and certification for both voluntary and statutory inspection.

With 37 years of experience, PTIA has noe become a company that has the most extensive experience and involvement in various project for Oil & Gas in Indonesia.

PTIA is a specialist in Inspection and Certification Services with full set of operating license to endorse technical and safety in accordance with Government Regulation and Industrial Standard as well as to provide the Engineering / Maintenance Services, Non-Destructive Test, General Survey, Project Management, and Manpower Management Business for Energy Industry.

Vision & Mission


To become a professional leader for certification and inspections, recognized for excellence and achievement in terms of business growth and customer service to meet with Government/MIGAS standard policy.

  • To Promote "One Team" culture within the business
  • To create a high performance standard degree
  • To provide equitable benefits to the Stake Holders & Share Holders.

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Our Quality Policy

PT. Indospec Asia is engaged mainly in Onshore and Offshore Safety Inspection and Certification Services in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Fields. PT. Indospec Asia recognizes that to maintain its position as MIGAS Third Party and excellent partner of PSC, an effective and dynamic Quality Management System is essential. In order to establish effective and dynamic Quality Management System, Management has a major commitment to involve all employees in ongoing services & quality improvement. Of vital importance is our commitment to supply Qualified Service consisting of Free of Failure, Timely Manner Service, and Qualified Employee Do Tasks with High Quality Standard to Achieve Customer Satisfaction. The Companies training policy is a means to build our employee at all levels are suitably qualified and trained for the tasks they are required to undertake by continually providing relevant training programs. In addition, through programs of continuous improvement, in which all employees are required to participate, the system is continually reviewed to identify means of improvement.

Our Licenses

  1. Pipeline, since 1993
  2. Crane, since 1993
  3. Electrical, since 1993
  4. Pressure Vessel, since 1981
  5. Rotating Equipment, since 1994
  6. SKKP / Platform, since 1981
  7. SKPI / Facilities Equipment, since 1993
  8. Helideck (Ditjen Perhubungan Udara), since 2003
  9. Rig, since 2005
  10. Powerplant (Ditjen Listrik & Pemanfaatan Energi), since 1999
  11. EBTKI (Ditjen MINERBAPABUM), since 2005
  12. ISO 9001 : 2008
  13. ISO 17020
  14. NDT
  15. EBTKE (Ditjen EBTKE), since 2013

Our Services

As the pioneer of this industry, PTIA is now has a full set of complete licenses to endorse technical and safety specifications in accordance with Government regulations and industrial standard as well as in Engineering or Maintenance services. read more

Our Business Spectrum

With more than 42 years of experience, PTIA has then extended the capabilities and competence to provide wide range engineering services such as :

  1. Inspection and Certification Services both for Statutory & Voluntary Inspection.
  2. Overseas Inspection Services
  3. Project Management and Advisory Services
  4. Manpower Supply Management
  5. Engineering Services

Our Philosophy

Our first "One Team" philosophy is based on a strong union of :


The values of our philosophy : Our values are based on our shared traditions and shaped by the demands of our cutomers

Graha Indospec

Address: Jl.Kebagusan Raya No. 37, INDONESIA 12520
Telephone : +6221 2997 8700 ;
+62811 8453 226
FAX : +6221 7828 762
E-mail : ptia_jkt@indospec.co.id